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Telehealth Physical Therapy
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I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy who offers client-centered and comprehensive remote physical therapy services.

I help you stay active and move away from pain pills and surgery so you can continue doing the things that matter to you!

También hablo Español y orgullosamente sirvo a la comunidad Hispana.

Send me a message TODAY and let's work out a plan together to decrease your pain and get you moving better.


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I deal with all things related to physical performance and getting you to achieve what you want to. This includes:

- A Customized Exercise and Stretch Routine  

- Instruction in Self Massage / Self-Mobilization

- Ergonomic Assessment of your Workspace

- Education about Pain

- Balance Training

- Education / Guidance about Injuries and Healing

- Posture Tips

- Breathing and Mindfulness

- Movement Retraining 

- Home Assessment 



Alex Bevacqua, D.P.T., is an outstanding physical therapist. When my arm had continuous pain in several places as well as very limited range of motion, my doctor suggested I consult an orthopedic surgeon. I said I wanted to try physical therapy first. After working with Alex, no surgery was needed.

Alex quickly determined the source of my problem. Therapy appointments — combined with my home PT practice — began to show improvement. He always listened and was never in a hurry. We worked as a team. My range of motion increased while the pain diminished, until I was back to normal.

At my last appointment, at my request, Alex advised me on how to continue my home PT exercise program. For almost a year now, my arm has been pain free, my range of motion normal. Recently I met with Alex to modify that home practice, to keep it up to date. As always Alex had helpful suggestions and new practices to keep me in good physical health for a long time.


Alex is knowledgeable and effective.  He was able to quickly identify the source of my issue and suggest effect treatments. These treatments not only helped resolve the pain I  experienced but helped me become more flexible and increase rotation. As a cyclists, he was also able to offer posture and stretch suggestions that I could apply while riding.


I came to Alex with multiple injuries in my right ankle, knee, and hip. After being treated for these problems at 2 major clinics I had made little progress and almost gave up on any real recovery. Finding Alex was a huge relief. He was smart enough and skilled enough to troubleshoot and get to the root of my painful injuries. He found weakness and imbalances in certain muscles. He used hands on skills and walked me through exercises to strengthen and stretch my right leg to help make lasting changes. Alex is a real find who gave me focused one on one care that you need with physical therapy. I'm finally starting to get back to the activities I love like hiking, running, and swimming!


Special thanks to Alex who has been the incredible therapist, and special person, I was lucky to have been guided by throughout this challenging time. In each session, Alex addressed both my physical improvement and also helped me progress in my quality of life-as we went through this journey-together! Thanks so much!

Alex Bevacqua was my physical therapist after I underwent rotator cuff surgery, for six months and another three
months after I was re-injured from a car accident. During those nine months Alex administered my therapy; I was so impressed with his unlimited anatomical knowledge, careful attention, empathy and a sense of humor. I feel I am a good judge, since I have been teaching Yoga for decades and know quite a bit about anatomy myself.
To put it in three words: Alex is wonderful.



In June of 2020 my right foot was swollen and I had multiple pains in the ball of that foot. I saw three podiatrists and was told I had a lot of arthritis in my foot. The third podiatrist suggested PT might help and I was assigned to Alex. When I had almost given up on a complete solution, Alex started using ultrasound and massage on my foot in addition to the exercises. The two hard spots in the ball of my foot finally disappeared as well as the swelling!


Alex is an excellent therapist! He has a gentle manner and is very friendly - an easy person to like! He listened attentively to my 98 year old mother's issues, and then quickly diagnosed the situation and came up with an exercise program appropriate to her abilities. I appreciate the sensitive manner in which he worked with my mother. He is encouraging and also understanding of the aches/pains that come with being a 98 year old. I attended all of their sessions and also participated, and therefore can easily recommend him for your physical therapy needs!

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