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  • Joint / soft tissue mobilization to facilitate movement

I have been described as having magic hands. I detect muscular / fascial tension and help to release it. I can isolate a joint that's not moving well and help restore its movement.

By thoroughly examining you, I determine what is tense, what is weak, and what is out of alignment, I create an exercise program together with you, and we work on doing the exercises with optimal form. Over time, I modify and develop the program.

There is a lot of fascinating science behind pain and exercise, and the more you understand your own body and mind, the better equipped you are to succeed at whatever you want to do, with minimal need for surgery and pills.

A key role of PT is looking at movement quality: examining the symmetry and efficiency of your movement patterns- joint by joint- and retraining your brain / muscles to optimize your movement while decreasing pain.

Falls are a huge concern in our aging society, both in terms of individual safety and health care dollars spent. Preventing and reducing falls - and learning how to fall and get up safely- are important considerations for everybody.

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